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TOMMY THOMAS is a collaboration of experiences, cultures, languages and ideas. Although there is no set mould of what it takes to find your fit with us, what we look for is a passion for the law.

As a boutique litigation firm organized along the lines of a barrister’s chambers in England, we believe in delivering a personal touch with strict quality control. TOMMY THOMAS is backed by a team of talented barristers and has enjoyed past contributions, from an illustrious list of alumni. Together, we have built a reputation for the quality of our advocacy skills and advice.

Those who join TOMMY THOMAS do so because they are in search of a career that is more than just a day job. The firm places great emphasis on enabling our lawyers to acquire as much advocacy experience as possible in their initial years of practice, in order to empower them to be skilled barristers. If you think that that you have what it takes for us to consider adding you onto our team, contact us.